Friday, April 24, 2009

As we look to the sky: A lesson in nature

In the awakening moment of the day’s light (even though the sun is barely peering through the horizon) I find myself looking up to the heavens with my heart filled with joy in the hope of a new day-dawning full of promise and splendor.

The song I sing is in my heart where my beloved hears the words ever so clearly, for he alone understands the inner ways of my soul. He alone can bring the peace that my heart and soul long for day-in-and-day-out. If only I ask for this grace, then peace reigns wherever I go. As if transported by the very wings of God’s morning light, God reigns seated on the very little throne of my heart.

As I get ready to go about my daily tasks, and begin my journeying for the day, the sunshine is revealed in the skies in such a way as to be slightly hidden within the clouds, yet allowing the rays to clearly point the way to the source of light in the center.

An early pilot marks the skies with a thin line of white cloud-like smoke from the engine of its jet-plane, and my eyes follow the course of this diminutive (almost not perceptible) point of contact with the sky (because it is so far up it is hard to see with my naked eye). As I continue to gaze upward (like a child absorbed in awe) by the morning activity in the skies, I notice how the pilot’s course leads him directly into the hidden sun, and vanishes from my sight. In the following moments, even the line of cloud-like smoke is gone, as if the source willed to consume the little bit of evidence of the existence of a trail, together with the little pilot and his plane.

I came to understand that God is the Source, the Light. That in this life He is hidden yet revealed. That, as we are drawn to Him by the Son, the point of union is intense and personal, and culminates our purpose for journeying - in preparation for [what] “eye has not seen, ear has not heard [what] God has ready for those who love him.”

Prayer: Lord, you value us, caring for us so much and thinking so much of us. You set us in order and know where to place us in the hierarchy of being. (Commentary on Psalm 143, 10 St. Augustine)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

God takes and God gives

(meditating on John 16:7)

Two years ago today, a beloved soul departed from this world because it was their time (to depart/to die).

It was good for this soul because it was the will of God, and it was sad for us because we had to let go of this dear one (in a physical way have them leave our company in this life).

It was good for the soul for their life of exile had ended, and it was good for us because we would mature in our faith believing more completely in the communion of saints, and the sharing in the Life everlasting.

When Jesus parted from this physical world only to take his rightful place at the right hand of the Father, he said it was much better for us (and his disciples) because the Father would send us the Holy Spirit.

With the Holy Spirit dwelling within, we grow in our faith journey, and continue to fulfill our mission with greater zeal and conviction.

In this way, when God calls us to depart from this life, we pray that we shall be ready to join the company of the saints, having lived and died according to the Father’s divine plan.

Prayer: Sacred heart of Jesus, have mercy on me, and on the whole world. Amen.

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