Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Acompáñame a estar sola

Mi amado Jesús,
Acompáñame a estar sola...
a charlar sin las palabras
a estar juntos sin tocarnos,
a vivir unidos en desvelo.

Acompáñame al misterio
de no hacernos compañia
en el silencio
de saber que estoy aqui
y tu siempre a mi lado.

Acompáñame a lo absurdo
de abrazarnos sin contacto
tú en tu sitio y yo en el mío
como un ángel de la guarda.

Acompáñame a decir sin las palabras
lo bendito que es tenerte
y serte infiel
sólo con esta soledad.
Acompáñame a quererte sin decirlo
sin tocar ni el reflejo de tu ser a contraluz.

Acompáñame a estar sola
para calibrar mis miedos
para desintoxicarme del pasado.

Si se apagan las luces
y si se enciende el infierno
y si me siento perdida
sé que tú estarás conmigo
con un beso de rescate.

Acompáñame Jesús mío
a decir sin las palabras
lo bendito que es tenerte
y serte infiel
sólo con esta soledad.

Acompáñame a pensar en mi
para vivir por ti
y tú en mi
por esta vez
y para siempre.

One is never too old to be surprised by Joy

My Sweet Jesus,
What a joyful moment
when you first appeared to the world in the flesh
as a newborn child!
The choirs of angels sang...
The shepherds came
even kings and wisemen from afar drew near
to the place of your birth.

The old were made new
as the young were renewed
in the joy of the heart.

How softly you enter the heart
and how quickly the joy raises a new song to the heavens:
It is Christmas! It is Christmas!

The heart that is pure
has been prepared to receive the incredible gift of you.
The heart that was asleep to the world
is awakened by the indescribable joy of your birth,
and so she sings:
It is Christmas! It is Christmas!

The joy remains;
for the heart - is the heart of a child
renewed in the hope of life eternal in your Love.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Entering into our hearts this Christmas

Do we make time to truly enter into our hearts and find what we harbor within?

Or are we too busy worrying about the things we think we must prepare in order to awaken to Christmas day happy and filled with joy?

Is our heart ready to receive the Love it was created for?

Are we preparing our hearts (God’s place of predilection) for the coming of the Christ Child?

Or are we too busy running to-and-fro looking for last minute ‘bargains’ to wrap up in bows and rush to place under a tree?
When we enter into our hearts, do we find kindness and goodness in the Lord, for the Lord, and with the Lord? Is our heart an emptied vessel waiting to be filled with all the gifts that are found in God’s goodness and mercy?
Our consumerist society tells us that Christmas is about the gifts we buy in order to give to our loved ones, family and friends…However, in today’s difficult economic times, maybe we are being offered a harsh reminder to look for alternate gifts that have no monetary value or price tag to lure us away and cause us to feel less special if we cannot afford to buy…
As families with or without children, we can (instead and as a much better alternative) make crafted gifts that we prepare as a family; spending time together in the creating portion of the gifts. We will discover, in this way, the joy of spending time together (a most valuable gift in and of itself). Or perhaps we may find our way to visiting an older neighbor, spending time with those in hospitals or nursing homes. The gift of time is priceless, and yet so affordable…if we only make the time to give it with joy in our hearts.
As our hearts become empty of all things contrary to God’s goodness, they begin to be born in the Love that is infinite and unlike any other. The heart that is nourished by the Love of God continues to yearn for more and more…As this Love is infinite, there is no end to the source nor to the giving to the one who wishes for more. When we give this infinite love freely, especially to those who are most in need, the love grows and grows - as this is the nature of this priceless gift.
Indeed it is wonderful and lovely, that God, who is Love, comes softly to the heart of his lover… (those prepared to receive the purity of the gift of His Son). We in turn can bring this Love – in haste (as Mother Mary did) – to those we visit, carrying the precious essence of the gift that infinitely gives: the Love of God, made flesh in our hearts.

Friday, December 5, 2008

On the Wings of God's Love

On the Wings of Love
we allow our spirit

to take flight...

towards the Father in heaven
experiencing in the essence of our being
the unlimited possibilities...
But first,
we must totally surrender
to the Father's will for us...
We become empty
and by His Spirit
we are filled with the good
that makes us rise
to our eternal destiny
as One.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The gift of listening

"Can you hear me now?"

A slogan made popular in our day used for the purposes of selling a better phone, is a reminder of the importance of listening to a voice when it is heard clearly. The question remains, however, are we simply interested in 'hearing' one another (with our ears) or do we make an honest attempt to be present and listen (with our heart)?

In finding our way each day, through the many presentations of sounds and voices we hear, do we remain faithful to the individual vocation we are called to live, and learn to cooperate with others in communicating effectively by listening with our ears, mind and heart?

It is only when we are comfortable with our own identity (as Christians, spouses, parents, children, etc.) that we can allow others the freedom to be truly themselves, and to feel better, and become more comfortable with us.

When we listen with heart, we refrain from any agenda or expectations, and in this way we accept people where they are (and not where we believe they should be). This is the only true and honest way of listening where the answer to the question: "Can you hear me now?" might always tend to lead to an affirmative reply because we first - are listening with the heart (...con el corazon en la mano).

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In the presence of an unfailing Light

God arranges a path (a vocation, a physical life, a life of grace) for each one of us. We must first (position ourselves so as to) stand in the presence of the unfailing Light of God’s Truth in order to receive the knowledge that is intended for our particular walk.

If we wish to stand within the illuminating ways of Truth, we must make silence in our hearts and bring ourselves down to our knees as we pray, pray, pray. Our sincere prayer without ceasing or an unceasing prayer (1 Thes 5:17) emanating not only from our lips, but from every pore of our being (be it in the form of our purity of thoughts, our charitable actions towards our neighbor, our good will to everyone we meet) will rise to the Father, through the Son and the Holy Spirit, and bring the unfailing Light into our lives.

We must also make time to read Sacred Scripture (the Bible) and listen intently to the unfailing Light in the living Word of God. In a most personal way, God speaks to us in our hearts when we are rooted in the Truth (1 Thes 2:13). This simple practice is a great aid as we seek to know the existence, nature, and worth of all things pertinent to our personal apostolate.

The celebration of the Mass on a regular (daily) basis gives us the food (our true sustenance) that we need to bring us ever closer to the unfailing Light of God’s divine plan for our lives and the fulfillment of our path in union with others (as the one body in Christ). If we want to present ourselves to God in His Light, we must also make ways towards meeting one another. With the Holy Eucharist within, how can we fail to live deluged in the unfailing Light?

As we continually strive to be in the unfailing Light of Truth, God invites us to an interiority of harmony - with self, with others and with all creation. Then, in this way, our very essence becomes one with the unfailing Light (Phil 2:5) allowing or bestowing upon us the grace to discern what is good and necessary from what is evil and detrimental to growth in the eternal (Rom 12:2).

Monday, November 3, 2008

In the amiable presence of Mary

We cannot cease to thank you Lord
for having given to us – at the foot of the Cross
such amiable and sweet presence
in Your Virgin Mother, Mary.

In her, you deposit (Your) great Mercy and Love,
Consolation and Hope
for all men/the entire humanity.

The sweet and unequaled presence of Mary
motivates and inspires us to continue searching for You in everyone
and in everything good we have received
(and continue to receive)
until the end of the world.

The sole pronouncing of her sweet name
with faith and devotion – Mary
permits us to receive sweetness in consolation, profound love,
constant joy, firm confidence and lasting fortitude –
that we live, in the soul and in the heart.

Even as we pronounce or listen to the name of Mary more than a thousand times,
the name has the grace – as in the name of Jesus
to be pronounced or listened to as ever new and beautiful
in a sweet spiritual softness.

As the enamored St. Bernard would say:
“Oh lofty Mary, worthy of all praise,
one cannot mention your name with devotion
without increasing the love in the heart.
One cannot think with faith in you
without feeling consoled, renewed in fervor and desirous to love you more and more.”

The presence of our good Celestial Mother
infuses in us the hope of forgiveness
and in this way we recover and remain in the grace of God.

“Oh Mary, Mother of mine
Oh consolation of mortals
shelter and guide me
to the celestial native land.”

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In the Presence of the Dying

“Where do I begin?
To tell the story of how great a love can be…?
A sweet love story that is older than the sea?
The simple truth about the Love He gives to me?
…Where do I start?”

In the words of a song,
a reality echoes in my memory
and resounds,
as I sit in contemplation
of the final moments
in the life of a dear one.

Sometimes these final moments are brief and bittersweet.
Sometimes the moments are prolonged and painful.
Sometimes, these moments serve to restore something lost
(and now we’re found). The restoration of the grace of peace,
through reconciliation and forgiveness.

Our Father (in heaven) in His infinite Mercy and Love,
binds us to Himself in His (son) Crucified.
for He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

When we open our hearts
that we may be able to see Him, alone, in the face of the dying.
To behold His beauty, His goodness,
His human weakness made strong in the Spirit.

Then, we may stand in awe,
consumed in a reverent silence,
as we are allowed the privilege in contemplating
the reality of two worlds united by the delicate thread of life:
a life, first quietly given at conception – infused at baptism,
and now departing from its physical body
in order to find its way back to its life-giving Source
and uniting to the One Most High
Creator of heaven and earth, forever.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Every encounter a reflection of God’s Presence

There is a saying in Spanish:

“Dime con quien andas, y te diré quien eres”

(Tell me who you are with, and I will tell you who you are).

Who we wish to be (or associate) with, is mostly due to our dictated human (and sometimes selfish) ways. However, we can learn to make every personal encounter (with our fellowman or woman) as important in our daily walk, as if it were Christ Himself we were greeting, when we ask for the gift of grace to see the Lord’s presence within each soul (for we must remember that we have all been created in God’s image and likeness).

In this way, every encounter lived (for Him, with Him and in Him) becomes (like) a reflection of God’s Presence – within us and among us.

If a person comes to us in peace (half the battle is already won), all we need to do is listen with the heart.

When we greet someone who may be (living) in a ‘distracted moment’, we simply offer a quiet presence, and it is enough, for the Holy Spirit takes care of the rest.

As we begin to go out in (earnest) search for the needy souls we are yet to meet, the journey demands an interior fortitude and commitment on our behalf which can only come to us by the grace of God. So we pray, pray, pray.

We pray with an honest heart and in humility. God listens, and bestows upon us His gifts (more generously than before) and in this way, we greet the most wretched and abandoned, with the compassion in our Lord (who orders all things according to the Divine plan).

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Secret to Life

The secret to Life is to live moment by moment,
in the awareness of an extraordinary presence
that is much more than meets-the-human-eye.

Life is to be lived to the fullest in every way and with all its offerings.
Sometimes, the moment is happy,
sometimes the moment is sad,
sometimes the moment is tender,
sometimes the moment seems cruel.
In every aspect of the living is a step toward the dying and the living, over and over again.
The moment never ends until it rests in Him.

With the certainty that God is good,
given to us by our faith,
we walk with a joy-filled heart because we gratefully accept everything that awaits us each day with the rising of a new sun, as given to us by the hand of our very own Father.
At any given moment
we may find ourselves almost as if without air to breathe
because we try to drink from the cup with a thirst unknown.
Gently then, the Father takes away the cup so as not to let us (His children) become overwhelmed in a moment not yet meant to be.

As we live the secret of life unfolds before our very own eyes
in a way that is truly no secret at all.
In a most simple way, each moment is gift, wherever we are.
And in treasuring the flavor of the gift,
we are transformed by the Father’s hand, in the image of the Son.

Friday, October 10, 2008

In the presence of God's creation

In the presence of God's creation,
we stand in awe.

In the beauty of His endless goodness
we find peace.

In the magnificence of what He reveals
we uncover Truth.

In Truth,
we make our way
through Him, with Him and in Him
to the end...

which is only the beginning of forever.

Living in the eternal present

When we live each moment to its fullest,
and we live in God’s Love (who drives out fear),
we find ourselves living in the Eternal present.

Then, nothing can separate us from this Love,
when love is what (who) we are
and not what we have,
we are on our way to the Eternal.

We must learn to be carefree (like a child)
about everything in our lives, material or otherwise,
since everything is gift.

Every moment lived in the here and now is like a continuation of endless ‘todays’.

As we surrender ourselves to life in the present moment,
lived for Him, through Him and in Him,
our moment extends toward the Eternal,
and is gift.

If we are with the ones we love
we love them all the more,
and in thanksgiving, we pray together.

If we are all alone
we treasure the gift of the Holy Spirit within,
and delight in silent prayer
in union with our angels and the saints.

If we walk among those we are yet to know
we offer a smile or a helping hand
and look upon each person as if our eyes were contemplating the face of God.

If we suffer any form of pain
due to physical or mental concerns,
we allow ourselves the privilege of union with our Lord on the cross.
For even in our suffering, He makes us strong,
and when we are truly present in accepting the trials
God blesses us with the endurance necessary
and sustains us most, in the hour of need.

We must say yes to each moment in our lives - as Mary did.
In this way, we become truly united to the Eternal present
who is only in our Lord.
Our gift is our life lived in union with Him.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Presence in the One who serves

I am in your midst as the One Who serves you. (Lk 22:27)

When we serve others for the pure love of serving God,
we fulfill our call to follow in the example set forth by our Lord, Himself.
For Christ Himself came among us to serve.

Jesus had to be one of us,
so that he could serve God
as our merciful and faithful high priest
and forgive our sins. (Hebrews 2:17)

This service must be one of self-denial,
and love.
Only by this three-step 'formula' will it be true service
according to the example of our Savior.

In this way,
will our genuine presence
in serving our brothers and sisters,
obtain God's reward.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Lord's Eucharistic Presence

The Catholic Church teaches that when a priest repeats the words of Christ at the Last Supper (in the celebration of the Mass) over bread and wine - that these become truly the Body and Blood of the Lord, even though the appearance of the bread and wine remain.

...On the night he was betrayed our Lord Jesus Christ took bread, and when he had given thanks, he broke it and gave it to his disciples and said: ``Take, eat: this is my body.'' He took the cup, gave thanks and said: ``Take, drink: this is my blood.'' Since Christ himself has declared the bread to be his body, who can have any further doubt? Since he himself has said quite categorically, This is my blood, who would dare to question and say that it is not his blood?
(St Cyril of Jerusalem)

``Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.'' (John 20:29)

In the gift of the Eucharist, Jesus gives us Himself.
He offers his own body and pours out his own blood.
In giving to us the totality of his life at every eucharistic feast, we continually acknowledge his true presence. Jesus draws us into Himself. (Pope Benedict XVI)

"He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood abides in me, and I in him." (John 6:56)

Thus it is through the working of the Holy Spirit that Christ himself continues to be present and active in his Church, starting with her vital center which is the Eucharist...

The Eucharist is Christ
who gives himself to us
and continually builds us up as His Body - the Church.

We must humbly ask God for the faith to believe in this truth beyond all expectation, tradition and sense. ``Amen, I say to you, whoever does not accept the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.'' (Mark 10:15)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Seeing God's Presence with the eyes of Charity

How simple it would be if only we could see with the eyes of Charity...

To have charity in our hearts is to live according to God's commandment "to love one another..."
How can we obtain this charity of neighbor?

Three little words: pray, pray, pray...
We pray unceasingly, with a sincere heart, and with an urgent pitch in our voices because only God can give us the charity necessary to see, and be able to "love our neighbor as ourselves..."

It is easy to love our loved ones and all those who are kind (charitable) towards us. But at times, (and probably more often than we care to admit) even our loved ones act unkindly and in an uncharitable manner. Do we stop loving them at this moment or do we pray instead for God to open our eyes and see His presence within?

Does our human weakness battle (against the greater nature of our essence) at this point?
Or do we simply, naturally acquiesce to the virtue (bestowed by the grace of God) and love these unkindly loved ones all the more?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Every moment, as gift

Even when I see you not,
You are there.
Even when I hear you not,
You are there.
Even when I feel you not,
You are there.

You and Your ineffable presence are always there, here and everywhere.

You are in the sad.
You are in the lonely.
You are in the broken.
You are in the dying.

When I see you not,
let me run to one who is broken and lost,
that we may - together - give witness to the majesty of your healing power of forgiveness,
and be restored through you.

When I hear you not,
let me be close to one who is (perhaps silently) pleading for you,
begging for compassion and understanding,
so that by your grace, we may listen to your gentle words of mercy and Love,
and be restored with you.

When I feel you not,
let me be close to one who is needy of your loving embrace,
perhaps forgotten and burdened by the weight of this world...
so that by your grace, we may experience the joy of the Crucified,
and be restored in you.

Let us find You
wherever we go,
for You alone
are the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Presence of the Silent One

As the peace of the Spirit comes into our hearts, as a gift of grace soothing any bitterness or despair; the presence of the Silent One begins recreating hope within – through the rays of light (the light of Truth).
These tiny rays are not deposited for they are born of an endless source; instead, they shine through us onto others – as we begin to glow with a renewed sense of joy – joy in the hope of a never-ending treasure of love.

The reality of our wounded universe, suffering, divided, with great despair and poverty, with its many signs of division, hatred and death, would lead us to think that all is hopeless. Nothing can be further from the Truth; for the presence of the Silent One is waiting to be found in every despairing soul in need of Love and understanding.

When we stop to listen with the heart (with the honest intent to stay for awhile) we are open to receiving the Presence of the Silent One in the disguise of the broken ones. When we accept one another for the special person God created us to be (with our own uniqueness of gifts, talents and peculiarities), we acknowledge God’s Presence within – regardless of language, social background, religious beliefs or any other apparent differences – we all come from the same source who is Life himself.

Since we are all members of the same family under God and united in Christ, the presence of the Spirit is the Silent One – who waits to be found, acknowledged, cherished, loved, in the person that is in each moment of our lives, everyday.
When we serve as ‘conveyors’, ‘vessels ‘, ‘messengers of Love ‘ – we truly become like ‘Christ to others’, and we meet 'Christ' in others (…where two or more are gathered in my name, I am there…) The Silent One is always present; but we must make silence in order to listen. And we must listen in the heart, where the Silent One speaks, in a language understood only by Love.

Friday, August 15, 2008

God's Presence - Where is it found?

In the beginning there is darkness. God was already there defining light.

Before we came to be present

Before we ever existed,
God is the I am. He is Presence.

God is Infinite. God's Presence is forever.
Created in the Image and Likeness of God,
By way of God's Divine plan for all time and forever,
we too are already present.

Where is God's Presence to be found?
God is the essence of good in all things created.
In the essence of you and me - God is present.

Do we recognize and acknowledge this presence at all times?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

This word presence - what does it mean?

The first time the word presence, made an impact in my memory, was in my father.

As he neared his death in a bed in a hospital room - a little over a year ago - I remember this word: presence.

He was the person who first brought some meaning of this word to life (you might say), when I was but a young child many years ago. One day, as my father extended an act of kindness to a stranger on the street, I remember seeing the face of Light as a reflection on his face, and this to my childlike mind was like a vision of the presence of God revealed. Now, many years later in the final days of his life, I find myself in his presence once again as I sit with him in his room, and as his health and voice slowly starting to vanish from him, the word presence is mentioned by him this time, as he points his hand towards the heavens above.

The attempt in my diminutive way to challenge a search or true meaning of this word: presence,
will be a simple form of trying to honor the memory of the man who brought great light into my own life by his own living of this word - my father.

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