Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The gift of listening

"Can you hear me now?"

A slogan made popular in our day used for the purposes of selling a better phone, is a reminder of the importance of listening to a voice when it is heard clearly. The question remains, however, are we simply interested in 'hearing' one another (with our ears) or do we make an honest attempt to be present and listen (with our heart)?

In finding our way each day, through the many presentations of sounds and voices we hear, do we remain faithful to the individual vocation we are called to live, and learn to cooperate with others in communicating effectively by listening with our ears, mind and heart?

It is only when we are comfortable with our own identity (as Christians, spouses, parents, children, etc.) that we can allow others the freedom to be truly themselves, and to feel better, and become more comfortable with us.

When we listen with heart, we refrain from any agenda or expectations, and in this way we accept people where they are (and not where we believe they should be). This is the only true and honest way of listening where the answer to the question: "Can you hear me now?" might always tend to lead to an affirmative reply because we first - are listening with the heart (...con el corazon en la mano).

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