Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spiritual motherhood for the sanctification of priests and the Church

What would we do without the Cross?
Life would be simply unbearable without pain.

From the Cross
in our Lord,
we are united,
We are able to attain graces
that will aid us in walking as followers of Christ.

As an offering this Lenten season,
some may be called to be as spiritual mothers
for the offering in prayers and sacrifices of self-denial
for the holy conversion of priests and the Church.

When we pray for and honor our priests,
we honor Jesus, Himself.

Our model for mothers is Mary.
She is our spiritual mother,
and mother of all priests, too.
We can go to her for guidance.
She will give us her heart if we only ask.
She will show us how to pray for holy conversion of priests,
She will teach us how to ponder all things in our little hearts, too;
Speaking only when it edifies,
keeping silent when it pains (in union with her Crucified).

Have we made a sincere effort to do good…?
fasting from unnecessary or hurtful conversation?
Fasting as in: “to do the will of the Heavenly Father”
as demonstrated by our Lord in the Gospels?

When we do the will of our Heavenly Father,
proudly, lovingly, joyfully…we unite to our Lord - on the Cross.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Love: Lesson number five

The final lesson in life.

We may love off-and-on while on earth,
but true love comes only from God above.

To love is to suffer-in-silence with a joyful smile.
To love is to give, and continue to give without measure.
To love is to die to self in order to do the will of God.

For to love is God.
God is Love.

Prayer: Lord, as we walk with You (always) at our side (and within our hearts), help us to keep our prayer always for love of You, as to be "without ceasing"(1 Thes 5:17)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Charity: Lesson number four

When young,
we live as if time is here to stay;
We fuss, we play…

Do we ever stop to care for others?
Others who are in need of our good presence?

the elderly, the hungry, the sick, the dying,
the lonely, and the list goes on?

It is not showing courage when we stop our play – but love,
when we stop to cherish others and their souls.

When we forget our moment of fussing or playing
and dedicate a moment to loving and caring,
we begin to experience the joy of charity.

After all,
we are but one –
to return to the One,
as One.

Prayer: Lord, teach us to learn from you by following your example of love. May Your word dwell in us so deeply, that we may do everything in the name of you (Jesus) giving thanks to our heavenly Father, always through you (Col 3:16-17) Amen.

Understanding: Lesson number three

After self-denial and patience one could more easily learn to become understanding of others…their needs, concerns, sorrows, joys.

In the words of many known saints and holy people we have heard again and again that; before anyone shows us understanding, we must learn to truly and honestly listen with a sincere heart in order to understand someone else.

To understand one another is the beginning of our journey to forever.

Prayer: Lord, we offer psalms and hymns and spiritual songs (Eph 5:19) as we offer to intercede for others by [our] prayer and petition (Phil 4:6) of thanksgiving (1 Thes 5:18)

Patience: Lesson number 2

The hardest of these is patience.

- counting to 10 or 100
- taking a deep breath
- ‘offering up’ in prayer or penance

Whatever action will help us to physically calm us down, and mentally hold back anything that is not of Love, allowing for a spiritual composure.

If we only remind ourselves that nothing surrounding our worldly existence is of any real lasting concern (including our bodies with or without vigor). These are all confinements to the soul. If we learn to recognize that nothing is ever worth concerning ourselves over in haste (if not for the love of God, and to carry in haste His love to others).

Prayer: Lord, help us to live with an ever vigilant awareness, being “watchful with all perseverance and supplication” (Eph 6:18)

Friday, March 6, 2009

As we look to the Cross

(A reflection on Romans 12:12)

Our Lord crucified, is the answer to all our prayers.

During the 40 days of Lent, as we turn our particular gaze to Jesus crucified, may we remember to also contemplate His heart, and in that place of predilection, begin to recognize the incredibly mysterious essence of God’s love revealed – for the salvation of each one of us sinners.

As I thank my sweet Lord for his love poured out for me (and you, and all humankind) I’m amazed at the tenderness in which he seeks me and waits for me, while I take forever to be found.

It is true that when we follow the holy example of Jesus’ life on earth, a life example in service to God’s people: tending to the suffering, the destitute, and the lost; we experience a life of peace.

This life of interior peace in turn leads to a rejoicing in the hope of the Lord’s resurrection. We know Jesus resurrected from the dead, and that one day all of us will also be participants of this truth revealed by our Lord himself.

Though my human heart says ‘yes’ to do God’s will, it can only remain a firm conviction in the essence of my being, if my Lord (Jesus) himself remains in me by the grace of the Holy Spirit acting within. In my limited heart there is only room for love, so I ask in constant prayer, that it be emptied of everything else that is not of love, in order to be made ready to receive the greatest gift. This I ask so that by God’s sanctifying grace, I may be all that I need to be in order to endure in times of trial (united to my Crucified).

Prayer: Abba, Father, grant to me (us) the grace of perseverance in prayer. That no matter how busy or complicated my life (our lives) may seem with all the ‘things’ we make ourselves busy with, that I (we) constantly keep You in my (our) heart(s) – remembering to pray, pray, pray - always in Jesus’ name. For if You are with us, who could be against us? Amen.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Self-denial: Lesson number one

Letting go of our selfish pride is so hard to do - most of the time.
We do not stop to look into the eyes of others...
We simply stare past their souls, and put-up all kinds of barricades so they won't be able to touch us.
If we can look into the eyes of each and every individual (or imagine we do), then it won't be so hard to let go and be humble - because we are looking into the eyes of Him who made us all.
He will always be forming us, until the end of time.
We do not need passing pleasures, if only we strive for God's happiness since it is eternal-lasting.
The pleasures (or pains) of this world are finite and soon to pass.
So in denying ourselves now, we might obtain our true and ultimate goal - God's Love, forever.

With shouts of Joy

On this special day
(though every day is special in its own way -
for you, Lord, make all days special by Your goodness)
I give praise and thanksgiving for two moments in particular.

The first moment
I give praise and thanksgiving for,
is the gift of my father's birth
84 years ago, today.
Because in later years,
I came to be born
of his union in marriage to my mother.
And for the precious gift of life,
we praise you, Lord.

The second joyful shout
is in thanksgiving for
my union in marriage to my spouse of 20 years, today.
Our Father in heaven
has been, and continues to be
so utterly and inexplicably generous to me and mine,
my little words of expression fail me,
and any utterance falls short
of the flood of love that reigns in our hearts
thanks to God's infinitely uncontainable Love.

For Your Marriage - Por Tu Matrimonio

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