Sunday, March 1, 2009

Self-denial: Lesson number one

Letting go of our selfish pride is so hard to do - most of the time.
We do not stop to look into the eyes of others...
We simply stare past their souls, and put-up all kinds of barricades so they won't be able to touch us.
If we can look into the eyes of each and every individual (or imagine we do), then it won't be so hard to let go and be humble - because we are looking into the eyes of Him who made us all.
He will always be forming us, until the end of time.
We do not need passing pleasures, if only we strive for God's happiness since it is eternal-lasting.
The pleasures (or pains) of this world are finite and soon to pass.
So in denying ourselves now, we might obtain our true and ultimate goal - God's Love, forever.

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