Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In the Presence of the Dying

“Where do I begin?
To tell the story of how great a love can be…?
A sweet love story that is older than the sea?
The simple truth about the Love He gives to me?
…Where do I start?”

In the words of a song,
a reality echoes in my memory
and resounds,
as I sit in contemplation
of the final moments
in the life of a dear one.

Sometimes these final moments are brief and bittersweet.
Sometimes the moments are prolonged and painful.
Sometimes, these moments serve to restore something lost
(and now we’re found). The restoration of the grace of peace,
through reconciliation and forgiveness.

Our Father (in heaven) in His infinite Mercy and Love,
binds us to Himself in His (son) Crucified.
for He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

When we open our hearts
that we may be able to see Him, alone, in the face of the dying.
To behold His beauty, His goodness,
His human weakness made strong in the Spirit.

Then, we may stand in awe,
consumed in a reverent silence,
as we are allowed the privilege in contemplating
the reality of two worlds united by the delicate thread of life:
a life, first quietly given at conception – infused at baptism,
and now departing from its physical body
in order to find its way back to its life-giving Source
and uniting to the One Most High
Creator of heaven and earth, forever.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Every encounter a reflection of God’s Presence

There is a saying in Spanish:

“Dime con quien andas, y te dirĂ© quien eres”

(Tell me who you are with, and I will tell you who you are).

Who we wish to be (or associate) with, is mostly due to our dictated human (and sometimes selfish) ways. However, we can learn to make every personal encounter (with our fellowman or woman) as important in our daily walk, as if it were Christ Himself we were greeting, when we ask for the gift of grace to see the Lord’s presence within each soul (for we must remember that we have all been created in God’s image and likeness).

In this way, every encounter lived (for Him, with Him and in Him) becomes (like) a reflection of God’s Presence – within us and among us.

If a person comes to us in peace (half the battle is already won), all we need to do is listen with the heart.

When we greet someone who may be (living) in a ‘distracted moment’, we simply offer a quiet presence, and it is enough, for the Holy Spirit takes care of the rest.

As we begin to go out in (earnest) search for the needy souls we are yet to meet, the journey demands an interior fortitude and commitment on our behalf which can only come to us by the grace of God. So we pray, pray, pray.

We pray with an honest heart and in humility. God listens, and bestows upon us His gifts (more generously than before) and in this way, we greet the most wretched and abandoned, with the compassion in our Lord (who orders all things according to the Divine plan).

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Secret to Life

The secret to Life is to live moment by moment,
in the awareness of an extraordinary presence
that is much more than meets-the-human-eye.

Life is to be lived to the fullest in every way and with all its offerings.
Sometimes, the moment is happy,
sometimes the moment is sad,
sometimes the moment is tender,
sometimes the moment seems cruel.
In every aspect of the living is a step toward the dying and the living, over and over again.
The moment never ends until it rests in Him.

With the certainty that God is good,
given to us by our faith,
we walk with a joy-filled heart because we gratefully accept everything that awaits us each day with the rising of a new sun, as given to us by the hand of our very own Father.
At any given moment
we may find ourselves almost as if without air to breathe
because we try to drink from the cup with a thirst unknown.
Gently then, the Father takes away the cup so as not to let us (His children) become overwhelmed in a moment not yet meant to be.

As we live the secret of life unfolds before our very own eyes
in a way that is truly no secret at all.
In a most simple way, each moment is gift, wherever we are.
And in treasuring the flavor of the gift,
we are transformed by the Father’s hand, in the image of the Son.

Friday, October 10, 2008

In the presence of God's creation

In the presence of God's creation,
we stand in awe.

In the beauty of His endless goodness
we find peace.

In the magnificence of what He reveals
we uncover Truth.

In Truth,
we make our way
through Him, with Him and in Him
to the end...

which is only the beginning of forever.

Living in the eternal present

When we live each moment to its fullest,
and we live in God’s Love (who drives out fear),
we find ourselves living in the Eternal present.

Then, nothing can separate us from this Love,
when love is what (who) we are
and not what we have,
we are on our way to the Eternal.

We must learn to be carefree (like a child)
about everything in our lives, material or otherwise,
since everything is gift.

Every moment lived in the here and now is like a continuation of endless ‘todays’.

As we surrender ourselves to life in the present moment,
lived for Him, through Him and in Him,
our moment extends toward the Eternal,
and is gift.

If we are with the ones we love
we love them all the more,
and in thanksgiving, we pray together.

If we are all alone
we treasure the gift of the Holy Spirit within,
and delight in silent prayer
in union with our angels and the saints.

If we walk among those we are yet to know
we offer a smile or a helping hand
and look upon each person as if our eyes were contemplating the face of God.

If we suffer any form of pain
due to physical or mental concerns,
we allow ourselves the privilege of union with our Lord on the cross.
For even in our suffering, He makes us strong,
and when we are truly present in accepting the trials
God blesses us with the endurance necessary
and sustains us most, in the hour of need.

We must say yes to each moment in our lives - as Mary did.
In this way, we become truly united to the Eternal present
who is only in our Lord.
Our gift is our life lived in union with Him.

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