Friday, October 10, 2008

Living in the eternal present

When we live each moment to its fullest,
and we live in God’s Love (who drives out fear),
we find ourselves living in the Eternal present.

Then, nothing can separate us from this Love,
when love is what (who) we are
and not what we have,
we are on our way to the Eternal.

We must learn to be carefree (like a child)
about everything in our lives, material or otherwise,
since everything is gift.

Every moment lived in the here and now is like a continuation of endless ‘todays’.

As we surrender ourselves to life in the present moment,
lived for Him, through Him and in Him,
our moment extends toward the Eternal,
and is gift.

If we are with the ones we love
we love them all the more,
and in thanksgiving, we pray together.

If we are all alone
we treasure the gift of the Holy Spirit within,
and delight in silent prayer
in union with our angels and the saints.

If we walk among those we are yet to know
we offer a smile or a helping hand
and look upon each person as if our eyes were contemplating the face of God.

If we suffer any form of pain
due to physical or mental concerns,
we allow ourselves the privilege of union with our Lord on the cross.
For even in our suffering, He makes us strong,
and when we are truly present in accepting the trials
God blesses us with the endurance necessary
and sustains us most, in the hour of need.

We must say yes to each moment in our lives - as Mary did.
In this way, we become truly united to the Eternal present
who is only in our Lord.
Our gift is our life lived in union with Him.

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