Friday, October 17, 2008

The Secret to Life

The secret to Life is to live moment by moment,
in the awareness of an extraordinary presence
that is much more than meets-the-human-eye.

Life is to be lived to the fullest in every way and with all its offerings.
Sometimes, the moment is happy,
sometimes the moment is sad,
sometimes the moment is tender,
sometimes the moment seems cruel.
In every aspect of the living is a step toward the dying and the living, over and over again.
The moment never ends until it rests in Him.

With the certainty that God is good,
given to us by our faith,
we walk with a joy-filled heart because we gratefully accept everything that awaits us each day with the rising of a new sun, as given to us by the hand of our very own Father.
At any given moment
we may find ourselves almost as if without air to breathe
because we try to drink from the cup with a thirst unknown.
Gently then, the Father takes away the cup so as not to let us (His children) become overwhelmed in a moment not yet meant to be.

As we live the secret of life unfolds before our very own eyes
in a way that is truly no secret at all.
In a most simple way, each moment is gift, wherever we are.
And in treasuring the flavor of the gift,
we are transformed by the Father’s hand, in the image of the Son.

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