Sunday, August 16, 2009

On the need for solitude

Solitude is for presence.

In solitude, our own deepest center is found to be a holy place where God dwells.
There, He communes with us,
in love.

No need to fear solitude –
for in solitude we find completion,
and not loneliness or depletion.

Solitude makes us face the reality of our being and reason for our existence.
In solitude, we can truly begin to know who we are,
and find ourselves as God intends for us to be.

To many undefined souls,
solitude can be lonely, absurd or even deadly.
But with renewed Faith, Hope and Love,
we learn to have pity on our smallness,
and place our lives in God’s hands.

We must learn to cultivate the good within –
by taking moments for solitude
in order to be in communion with God.

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