Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Triune Majesty of God

It was a Sunday afternoon, and we were riding in the car on our way to a far away place where we were going to visit with some people we had not yet met.

Riding in the car for long distances is a good way to 'catch-up' with many things 'pending'; such as praying a full rosary together and uninterrupted, recalling the plans and options for a family vacation, listening to one another as we talk about things that were perhaps unimportant when not given the time to share at length, spending some quiet time, together. And most importantly, simply enjoying being in each other's presence as we sit side by side riding in the car is a good thing, too.

My favorite part in long rides is looking out the window and taking in all the images of life that pass us by. Sometimes we see a hawk or some large bird flying high, and we wonder how it would feel - to fly free. At other times we spot a dead animal on the road, and our hearts are saddened by the loss - we imagine how it might have happened - who hit who - did someone in a vehicle get injured, too?

On this particular drive, we saw three balloons floating by rising higher in the sky. Could not begin to imagine where they had been released from or if perhaps some small child had lost them after attempting to hold on to them tightly (since helium tends to want to flee, we cannot keep it as it wants to rise freely, too).

The first thought was of God's Triune Majesty. Anytime our eyes capture good things in threes, the Holy Trinity comes to mind. Especially since the colors of the balloons were white and red. One balloon was a reminder of the purity of the spotless Lamb, Jesus (it was white). The other two balloons were red - the Father and the Holy Spirit (in union with the Son). In the mind’s eye, the balloons remind us of a child. In the eyes of faith, the balloons (indirectly, and yet ever so clearly) remind us of God’s creative hand in everything surrounding us at every moment of every day in our lives.

In the course of the drive, my mind goes back-and-forth with the thought of meeting people I have not yet met, and for the first time ever – have to share some time with. Instead of becoming concerned or even ‘alarmed’ by the idea and thinking (with the mind’s eye) of what it is that we will do or say in the presence of some strangers, my eyes of faith fix themselves on the three balloons floating freely. I wish to be like them, trusting that God in his Triune Majesty, will provide me with the words to say in order to bring the message of His Son to the moment we encounter, and share the gift of presence with those who (like us) are in fact other ‘known’ members of our family of faith, just waiting to be ‘found’ and made one, in the Mystical body, the Church.

The secret power and effects of Love

This is the Spirit of Infinite Love.
The moment we recognize ourselves as one with the Love of God
– which is infinite –
we become so filled with love that we see only the good in all.

And when we realize that we are all one with the infinite God
(in the Holy Spirit, through our Lord, Jesus Christ),
then we realize that
- in a sense -
we are all one with each other.

When we come into a recognition of this fact
(God, creator of all things visible and invisible -
creates us all in His image and likeness),
we can then do no harm to any one, to any thing.

We find that we are all members of the one great (mystical) body, and that no portion of the body can be harmed without all the other portions (members) suffering, too.

When we fully realize or grasp the great fact of the oneness of all life,
- that we are all partakers from this one Infinite Source,
and so that the same life
is the life in each individual,
then prejudices go and hatreds cease.
Love grows and reigns supreme.

Then, wherever we go, whenever we come in contact with the fellowman (our neighbor), we are able to recognize God’s spirit within. We thus look only for the good, and we find it. It always pays.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Raising our minds to the majesty of God

Prayer: “Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful, and enkindle in us the fire of your love.” In particular, help me to break open the Word of God as it relates to the Book of Life, so that I may recognize God speaking to me, and be able to have a clear understanding of what God wishes for me to write in this reflection, and also, in all that I do in my life; so that everything will always be directed for the Glory of God in all his triune majesty. Amen.”

Having read from the Bible the stories of Creation and the life of the first Jewish people, the firstborn of God, I come to recognize how God always wishes to remain close to His children as all good fathers tend to do. His children, on the other hand, and mostly due to the sinful precondition of man (a fallen race in Adam) are always turning away in disobedience and distrust. God still waits for us to return to Him. In an infinitely patient way, God continues to guide His children throughout every step of our history, in the persons of the chosen ones who freely submit to the will of the LORD.

In saying yes to God, we acknowledge our fallen condition, our misery and our nothingness without Him. But, in order to receive the blessings from the LORD for a life well-lived, we are to pray, pray, pray. As our prayer from the heart rises to the Father, and we wait, God’s glory shines wondrously in all the events that unfold – for the LORD’s ways are not the ways of man.

This happened to Hannah when she prayed to the LORD in sorrow because she was barren, and wanted a son so desperately. God remembers her and gives her a son, Samuel. She glorifies the LORD in a beautiful prayer that foreshadows the prayer of Mary in the Magnificat. In the same way, God remembers each and every one of His created as we pray for His mercy and help.

God continually reminds us of two things: that there is no other God (“I am the only LORD”) and that we should not fear (“be not afraid”). To those who believed (believe) in the goodness of the LORD, and walked (walk) in His ways, were (are) always gratefully offering holocausts and/or singing praises to God for His majesty, which was (is) clearly manifested by the countless miracles that were (are) seen. However, to those who did (do) not believe and turned (turn) away from God in order to follow the way of what was (is) seen with the eyes of the flesh; the consequences that followed (follow) were (are) doom and despair and finally death in the spirit. For our God is a jealous God.

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