Friday, October 25, 2013

Stay On Course

If times of great stress become times when you let go of the things you truly value, you will find yourself adrift and heading for the rocks, like a ship without its anchor. In times of great stress, only your top priorities can have your time. Keeping the Lord's Day holy and putting God's time first will help you stay on course.

Personal reflection: At this present moment in my life there are many ‘stressors’ (no job, sick child, retired spouse, among others…). How do I ‘stay on course’? I wake up each morning thanking God already: for His will to be done! And when I surrender to His care; He leads me in perfect peace.  

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The gift of my son's words of wisdom...

"Life has it's ways of knocking us over and kicking us when we're down. It is a relentless process that sometimes seems like it will never let up or end, and happiness seems like something that is such a foreign concept we wonder if we will ever feel it again. To all my friends and family suffering from tragic loss, stress, and hard times...Know that whatever it may be that plagues you. No matter what hell you are going through. It isn't forever, it will end, and things will get better. It may be hard to see now, and it may take some time. But know that none of you are alone in this... no one is ever truly alone. Do not fall into despair, but grow stronger knowing you can survive the hell you may be in. 'Someone' is always there for you if you need. Stay strong, live on."
Note: That ever-loyal and constant "Someone" who never abandons nor betrays...who is always loving us 'no-matter-what' God.

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