Friday, July 17, 2009

Have you ever had trouble breathing?

As natural as the act of breathing is for us, there can be times when we may experience difficulty breathing when we lose ourselves in a particular moment. Whether the moment is good or the moment is not-so-good, our human bodies react to each of these moments in very different ways. Our breathing tends to be affected by our reaction to these moments…every time.

God has made us in such a way so as to keep us living, though we may tend to lose ourselves in many moments of our lives. When we’re excited, we may hold our breath briefly in disbelief. The moment is then quickly followed by a very deep exhaling (or we’d find ourselves literally ready to faint or perhaps even going into shock). Our body can only accept or tolerate what the disciplined mind and heart have trained it to endure. God's grace makes us this way.

I am reminded of a time in school when I became so preoccupied with a project I was diligently working on, that I unconsciously held my breath (I still do this many times) until I realized this was not a good thing to do (because a moment later I found myself literally gasping-for-air). Another time while learning how to swim, I remember gasping-for-air at the wrong time. I had started to sink underwater and had not held my breath in-time before going under. What happened next was not-so-good. In my reaction to the stressful situation, a young inexperienced mind panicked, and so... I nearly drowned.

Today, there are many times when I consciously remind myself to breathe. Invoking God’s aid, especially before entering into a moment of stress, as in entering into a difficult conversation or job, school or family situation, I make a conscious effort to breath-in the presence of the Lord. As I breathe-in air/oxygen where I also take-in God’s love, I am reminded of the goodness of God (after all I am alive, still…). When I exhale, I purposefully give-out the carbon monoxide and any sinful or noxious ways that are detrimental to my peace-filled state of being.

God does allow moments when we may experience some awesomeness that simply takes our breath away… These moments are good, if only we remember to keep our breathing steady in His Spirit, allowing the goodness-in while the not-so-goodness is let out of our lungs, and out of our lives. The Lord’s infinite mercy always takes care of the rest. If only we place our trust in Him, God calms our breathing, and the difficult moments soon pass us by, too.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Beauty to behold

If this is an actual picture that our human eyes can see
of a real flower that grows in a place near you and me,
how much more beautiful will a heavenly picture pose
that even our most vivid imagination could not begin to propose...

For it has been written that:
"Eye has not seen,
ear has not heard,
what God has ready for those who love Him..."

For Your Marriage - Por Tu Matrimonio

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