Sunday, October 19, 2008

Every encounter a reflection of God’s Presence

There is a saying in Spanish:

“Dime con quien andas, y te diré quien eres”

(Tell me who you are with, and I will tell you who you are).

Who we wish to be (or associate) with, is mostly due to our dictated human (and sometimes selfish) ways. However, we can learn to make every personal encounter (with our fellowman or woman) as important in our daily walk, as if it were Christ Himself we were greeting, when we ask for the gift of grace to see the Lord’s presence within each soul (for we must remember that we have all been created in God’s image and likeness).

In this way, every encounter lived (for Him, with Him and in Him) becomes (like) a reflection of God’s Presence – within us and among us.

If a person comes to us in peace (half the battle is already won), all we need to do is listen with the heart.

When we greet someone who may be (living) in a ‘distracted moment’, we simply offer a quiet presence, and it is enough, for the Holy Spirit takes care of the rest.

As we begin to go out in (earnest) search for the needy souls we are yet to meet, the journey demands an interior fortitude and commitment on our behalf which can only come to us by the grace of God. So we pray, pray, pray.

We pray with an honest heart and in humility. God listens, and bestows upon us His gifts (more generously than before) and in this way, we greet the most wretched and abandoned, with the compassion in our Lord (who orders all things according to the Divine plan).

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