Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spiritual motherhood for the sanctification of priests and the Church

What would we do without the Cross?
Life would be simply unbearable without pain.

From the Cross
in our Lord,
we are united,
We are able to attain graces
that will aid us in walking as followers of Christ.

As an offering this Lenten season,
some may be called to be as spiritual mothers
for the offering in prayers and sacrifices of self-denial
for the holy conversion of priests and the Church.

When we pray for and honor our priests,
we honor Jesus, Himself.

Our model for mothers is Mary.
She is our spiritual mother,
and mother of all priests, too.
We can go to her for guidance.
She will give us her heart if we only ask.
She will show us how to pray for holy conversion of priests,
She will teach us how to ponder all things in our little hearts, too;
Speaking only when it edifies,
keeping silent when it pains (in union with her Crucified).

Have we made a sincere effort to do good…?
fasting from unnecessary or hurtful conversation?
Fasting as in: “to do the will of the Heavenly Father”
as demonstrated by our Lord in the Gospels?

When we do the will of our Heavenly Father,
proudly, lovingly, joyfully…we unite to our Lord - on the Cross.

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