Sunday, March 1, 2009

With shouts of Joy

On this special day
(though every day is special in its own way -
for you, Lord, make all days special by Your goodness)
I give praise and thanksgiving for two moments in particular.

The first moment
I give praise and thanksgiving for,
is the gift of my father's birth
84 years ago, today.
Because in later years,
I came to be born
of his union in marriage to my mother.
And for the precious gift of life,
we praise you, Lord.

The second joyful shout
is in thanksgiving for
my union in marriage to my spouse of 20 years, today.
Our Father in heaven
has been, and continues to be
so utterly and inexplicably generous to me and mine,
my little words of expression fail me,
and any utterance falls short
of the flood of love that reigns in our hearts
thanks to God's infinitely uncontainable Love.

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