Friday, March 6, 2009

As we look to the Cross

(A reflection on Romans 12:12)

Our Lord crucified, is the answer to all our prayers.

During the 40 days of Lent, as we turn our particular gaze to Jesus crucified, may we remember to also contemplate His heart, and in that place of predilection, begin to recognize the incredibly mysterious essence of God’s love revealed – for the salvation of each one of us sinners.

As I thank my sweet Lord for his love poured out for me (and you, and all humankind) I’m amazed at the tenderness in which he seeks me and waits for me, while I take forever to be found.

It is true that when we follow the holy example of Jesus’ life on earth, a life example in service to God’s people: tending to the suffering, the destitute, and the lost; we experience a life of peace.

This life of interior peace in turn leads to a rejoicing in the hope of the Lord’s resurrection. We know Jesus resurrected from the dead, and that one day all of us will also be participants of this truth revealed by our Lord himself.

Though my human heart says ‘yes’ to do God’s will, it can only remain a firm conviction in the essence of my being, if my Lord (Jesus) himself remains in me by the grace of the Holy Spirit acting within. In my limited heart there is only room for love, so I ask in constant prayer, that it be emptied of everything else that is not of love, in order to be made ready to receive the greatest gift. This I ask so that by God’s sanctifying grace, I may be all that I need to be in order to endure in times of trial (united to my Crucified).

Prayer: Abba, Father, grant to me (us) the grace of perseverance in prayer. That no matter how busy or complicated my life (our lives) may seem with all the ‘things’ we make ourselves busy with, that I (we) constantly keep You in my (our) heart(s) – remembering to pray, pray, pray - always in Jesus’ name. For if You are with us, who could be against us? Amen.

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