Monday, November 3, 2008

In the amiable presence of Mary

We cannot cease to thank you Lord
for having given to us – at the foot of the Cross
such amiable and sweet presence
in Your Virgin Mother, Mary.

In her, you deposit (Your) great Mercy and Love,
Consolation and Hope
for all men/the entire humanity.

The sweet and unequaled presence of Mary
motivates and inspires us to continue searching for You in everyone
and in everything good we have received
(and continue to receive)
until the end of the world.

The sole pronouncing of her sweet name
with faith and devotion – Mary
permits us to receive sweetness in consolation, profound love,
constant joy, firm confidence and lasting fortitude –
that we live, in the soul and in the heart.

Even as we pronounce or listen to the name of Mary more than a thousand times,
the name has the grace – as in the name of Jesus
to be pronounced or listened to as ever new and beautiful
in a sweet spiritual softness.

As the enamored St. Bernard would say:
“Oh lofty Mary, worthy of all praise,
one cannot mention your name with devotion
without increasing the love in the heart.
One cannot think with faith in you
without feeling consoled, renewed in fervor and desirous to love you more and more.”

The presence of our good Celestial Mother
infuses in us the hope of forgiveness
and in this way we recover and remain in the grace of God.

“Oh Mary, Mother of mine
Oh consolation of mortals
shelter and guide me
to the celestial native land.”

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