Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In the presence of an unfailing Light

God arranges a path (a vocation, a physical life, a life of grace) for each one of us. We must first (position ourselves so as to) stand in the presence of the unfailing Light of God’s Truth in order to receive the knowledge that is intended for our particular walk.

If we wish to stand within the illuminating ways of Truth, we must make silence in our hearts and bring ourselves down to our knees as we pray, pray, pray. Our sincere prayer without ceasing or an unceasing prayer (1 Thes 5:17) emanating not only from our lips, but from every pore of our being (be it in the form of our purity of thoughts, our charitable actions towards our neighbor, our good will to everyone we meet) will rise to the Father, through the Son and the Holy Spirit, and bring the unfailing Light into our lives.

We must also make time to read Sacred Scripture (the Bible) and listen intently to the unfailing Light in the living Word of God. In a most personal way, God speaks to us in our hearts when we are rooted in the Truth (1 Thes 2:13). This simple practice is a great aid as we seek to know the existence, nature, and worth of all things pertinent to our personal apostolate.

The celebration of the Mass on a regular (daily) basis gives us the food (our true sustenance) that we need to bring us ever closer to the unfailing Light of God’s divine plan for our lives and the fulfillment of our path in union with others (as the one body in Christ). If we want to present ourselves to God in His Light, we must also make ways towards meeting one another. With the Holy Eucharist within, how can we fail to live deluged in the unfailing Light?

As we continually strive to be in the unfailing Light of Truth, God invites us to an interiority of harmony - with self, with others and with all creation. Then, in this way, our very essence becomes one with the unfailing Light (Phil 2:5) allowing or bestowing upon us the grace to discern what is good and necessary from what is evil and detrimental to growth in the eternal (Rom 12:2).

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