Sunday, September 14, 2008

Seeing God's Presence with the eyes of Charity

How simple it would be if only we could see with the eyes of Charity...

To have charity in our hearts is to live according to God's commandment "to love one another..."
How can we obtain this charity of neighbor?

Three little words: pray, pray, pray...
We pray unceasingly, with a sincere heart, and with an urgent pitch in our voices because only God can give us the charity necessary to see, and be able to "love our neighbor as ourselves..."

It is easy to love our loved ones and all those who are kind (charitable) towards us. But at times, (and probably more often than we care to admit) even our loved ones act unkindly and in an uncharitable manner. Do we stop loving them at this moment or do we pray instead for God to open our eyes and see His presence within?

Does our human weakness battle (against the greater nature of our essence) at this point?
Or do we simply, naturally acquiesce to the virtue (bestowed by the grace of God) and love these unkindly loved ones all the more?

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  1. A courageous woman who has worked tirelessly for over forty years battling racism and poverty recently shared her thoughts on our Blessed Mother, from whom she draws her strength. "Do you notice how Mary only loves--even when her Son is being ridiculed, spat upon, called names, and has false accusations thrown against Him? Yet our Blessed Mother's response is to love. What a strength that is for me."

    When I personally reflect on the Blessed Mother standing at the foot of the Cross, I am struck by her strength, courage, trust and faith in God and intense love for her Son--True God and True Man. Charity is revealed in that moment as Her Son gives His life on the Cross for men who dispised Him, convicted Him, or were too weak to stand by Him. Jesus gave us the gift of salvation borne out of love for us on the Cross. Mary is our greatest example of loving others when it is most difficult--giving the gift of Her Son to all of us, sinners though were are. Who could possibly bear the pain she must have been suffering--yet she never stopped loving. Oh, to be able to have the faith, trust, and love as Mary!


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