Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Presence of the Silent One

As the peace of the Spirit comes into our hearts, as a gift of grace soothing any bitterness or despair; the presence of the Silent One begins recreating hope within – through the rays of light (the light of Truth).
These tiny rays are not deposited for they are born of an endless source; instead, they shine through us onto others – as we begin to glow with a renewed sense of joy – joy in the hope of a never-ending treasure of love.

The reality of our wounded universe, suffering, divided, with great despair and poverty, with its many signs of division, hatred and death, would lead us to think that all is hopeless. Nothing can be further from the Truth; for the presence of the Silent One is waiting to be found in every despairing soul in need of Love and understanding.

When we stop to listen with the heart (with the honest intent to stay for awhile) we are open to receiving the Presence of the Silent One in the disguise of the broken ones. When we accept one another for the special person God created us to be (with our own uniqueness of gifts, talents and peculiarities), we acknowledge God’s Presence within – regardless of language, social background, religious beliefs or any other apparent differences – we all come from the same source who is Life himself.

Since we are all members of the same family under God and united in Christ, the presence of the Spirit is the Silent One – who waits to be found, acknowledged, cherished, loved, in the person that is in each moment of our lives, everyday.
When we serve as ‘conveyors’, ‘vessels ‘, ‘messengers of Love ‘ – we truly become like ‘Christ to others’, and we meet 'Christ' in others (…where two or more are gathered in my name, I am there…) The Silent One is always present; but we must make silence in order to listen. And we must listen in the heart, where the Silent One speaks, in a language understood only by Love.

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