Monday, December 15, 2008

Entering into our hearts this Christmas

Do we make time to truly enter into our hearts and find what we harbor within?

Or are we too busy worrying about the things we think we must prepare in order to awaken to Christmas day happy and filled with joy?

Is our heart ready to receive the Love it was created for?

Are we preparing our hearts (God’s place of predilection) for the coming of the Christ Child?

Or are we too busy running to-and-fro looking for last minute ‘bargains’ to wrap up in bows and rush to place under a tree?
When we enter into our hearts, do we find kindness and goodness in the Lord, for the Lord, and with the Lord? Is our heart an emptied vessel waiting to be filled with all the gifts that are found in God’s goodness and mercy?
Our consumerist society tells us that Christmas is about the gifts we buy in order to give to our loved ones, family and friends…However, in today’s difficult economic times, maybe we are being offered a harsh reminder to look for alternate gifts that have no monetary value or price tag to lure us away and cause us to feel less special if we cannot afford to buy…
As families with or without children, we can (instead and as a much better alternative) make crafted gifts that we prepare as a family; spending time together in the creating portion of the gifts. We will discover, in this way, the joy of spending time together (a most valuable gift in and of itself). Or perhaps we may find our way to visiting an older neighbor, spending time with those in hospitals or nursing homes. The gift of time is priceless, and yet so affordable…if we only make the time to give it with joy in our hearts.
As our hearts become empty of all things contrary to God’s goodness, they begin to be born in the Love that is infinite and unlike any other. The heart that is nourished by the Love of God continues to yearn for more and more…As this Love is infinite, there is no end to the source nor to the giving to the one who wishes for more. When we give this infinite love freely, especially to those who are most in need, the love grows and grows - as this is the nature of this priceless gift.
Indeed it is wonderful and lovely, that God, who is Love, comes softly to the heart of his lover… (those prepared to receive the purity of the gift of His Son). We in turn can bring this Love – in haste (as Mother Mary did) – to those we visit, carrying the precious essence of the gift that infinitely gives: the Love of God, made flesh in our hearts.

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