Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One is never too old to be surprised by Joy

My Sweet Jesus,
What a joyful moment
when you first appeared to the world in the flesh
as a newborn child!
The choirs of angels sang...
The shepherds came
even kings and wisemen from afar drew near
to the place of your birth.

The old were made new
as the young were renewed
in the joy of the heart.

How softly you enter the heart
and how quickly the joy raises a new song to the heavens:
It is Christmas! It is Christmas!

The heart that is pure
has been prepared to receive the incredible gift of you.
The heart that was asleep to the world
is awakened by the indescribable joy of your birth,
and so she sings:
It is Christmas! It is Christmas!

The joy remains;
for the heart - is the heart of a child
renewed in the hope of life eternal in your Love.

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