Saturday, September 12, 2009

Deepen our love

Deepen our love: A prayer as love-letter, for our day...

My Sweet Jesus,
As today I hear your voice,
give me your love
poured into my heart -

that my love for all will deepen -
especially for the ones who have fallen
under the burden of their own weakness.

Remind me to be joyful and compassionate -
especially when you allow me the privilege
to be amidst many souls who are broken and confused
by the false promises of this earthly world.

For you, alone, can bring us to the Promised Land -
which is forever...
And in this way,
as we follow you,
we can truly be called sons and daughters
in You, with You, and most importantly, through You -
on our way to our Father in heaven.

This love for all,
must be rooted in You - who are Love, the Source -
the beginning and the end.

My love is all that it needs to be,
when Your Love remains in me.

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