Wednesday, November 18, 2009

God: Eternal Love and Absolute Truth

(Reflection on John 8:22)
Each person will come to find his good (and purpose for life) by adherence to God's divine plan for him, in order to realize it fully.

When we follow God's plan for our lives we find our truth; and through adherence (or 'sticking-to-it') we become free (from worries, anxieties, etc...) and live with an interior peace that continually guides us onward on the Journey of Life: (the Word of God ...speaks to us in the heart when it has been made clean from earthly distractions or contradictions).

After all, we are created to walk this earth for a period of time: whether it be long or brief (by our timing). In this period, God takes care of us as His created; but He also allows us the freedom (in His grace) to make our own choices. And so He waits, and he waits...for us to come to Him. For in Him (alone) is where our ultimate truth and reason-for-living - is found.

Once we are 'found' in Him (who is Eternal Love and Absolute Truth) we have no recourse but to be defenders of this Truth, and to articulate it with humility and conviction (and in a peaceful manner), bearing witness to the Truth in our lives by living in charity (love) towards all (of God's created).

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