Sunday, December 13, 2009

The soul enlightened

God is purity.
God is love.
God's presence in our lives
enlightens the soul, and makes us free.

In order to live a true and profound interior life,
a life that begins and ends in Christ
(through Him, with Him and in Him),
we must ask (make room) for: purity of intention/purity of heart.

The good that we can bring to others
is the good that God freely bestows in us
when we have emptied ourselves of all human attachments...
when we have asked for it in prayer
through His mother's intercession
(the Bearer of the Good)
when we recognize this good in whose very Image we were created;
then, we can also give it away as freely as it flows
because the more we receive,
the more love will be available for the giving.
And the more we give,
the more love is offered freely, for the taking.

How have I made the good known to others, this day?
How have I been a bearer of the love of Christ, today?

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