Friday, December 28, 2012

Love in my real

We just celebrated the "feast of the Holy Family"...
Yesterday, we also celebrated the wedding anniversary of a couple who would be destined to share the LOVE of God with their own little "holy family" (the Acosta-Nava family)...

Where has this LOVE gone?
Do we remember to be kind and considerate of one another as we are born, live and grow within our own little holy families on earth?

Are we loving?
Are we taking the time (YES. This is an important precious commodity nowadays...) to be PRESENT and to LOVE one another?

I want to remember 2012 as a year when LOVE re-ignited in the hearts of the American people...When LOVE rescued us from the snares of darkness and despair...When LOVE continues to seek-and-find us wherever we think we are hiding-alone...

Pray, pray, pray...LOVE is growing!!!
Be ready to see what 2013 will bring - when LOVE grows...

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