Sunday, March 17, 2013

A little mercy makes the world less cold

A little mercy makes the world less cold and more just...
We need to rightly understand the mercy of God, a merciful Father, who has a lot of patience with each one of us...and is always ready to forgive our transgressions and offenses...

The prophet Isaiah, says that even if our sins are bright red, God's mercy can make them white as snow. Do we believe this? Do we hold an ounce of doubt in our hearts? If we doubt God's infinity...then it is by our own mistrust and lack of faith that God's divine plans for us don't always work in our lives...

I learned from a holy priest that there are four impediments to receiving healing in our lives:
1.- doubt 2.- weak faith 3.- fear 4.- unforgiving hearts

Are we ready to 1.- believe 2.- grow in faith 3.- be unafraid and 4.- forgive?
If so, then God's mercy will be ours for the asking, as we minister to others who have yet to experience this warmth...this charity...this love.

A little mercy will then truly bring warmth to a cold/indifferent world....

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