Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Glorify God...before darkness sets in...

Taken from Jeremiah 13:16...
what does this mean? "Glorify the Lord, your God, before darkness sets in..."

Nothing is lost when we turn to God while living this life...
As long as there is life within...there is always HOPE...
And since nothing is impossible with God,
conversion of hearts can occur at any moment...
even at the very hour of death.

The reminder here:
we must turn to the Lord while we can still make this choice - ours.
even when we cannot understand fully - the reason or the 'why', the 'how'...
God knows all things.
God knows our condition.
God knows our situation, and our struggles.

All we need to do - is ask.
God will take care of our situation,
and we will be set 'free' from the burden, the weight...the darkness.
Gloria a Dios!!!

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