Sunday, August 3, 2014

Be present! Ways to be living in the moment...

How can I be really PRESENT to each moment lived?

1- Be grateful. (Is the glass "half empty or half full"?)
2- Be intentional. (say "hello nice day!" to people you meet...and mean it! The good comes right back at ya!) ("Don't worry, be happy" This really works!)
3- Be still (like a child who is looking at life for the first time...)
4- Take your time along the way...Schedules and agenda-keeping can wait! Let an impromptu/unplanned moment linger...When did you notice a beautiful sunset on your way home from work - while you sit in traffic!
5- Breathe it in! The good in each moment slips away when we fail to be truly present. For good or not-so-good...each moment brings an opportunity for a life fully lived! Intensity may vary. The main ingredient to being fully alive: is to be fully present!

What if pain is in the PRESENT moment?
I'll tell you more in my next post!

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