Saturday, January 10, 2015

Do you have a New Year's Resolution?

Though 2015 is already in its second week (as I write this)... I continue to ponder on what a proper "resolution" would be for me this year.

I guess 2015 arrived faster than I anticipated because of the many "things" going on in my life. Isn't this the way it happens every year? Many people take longer to prepare for the end-of-year celebrations, than they do to prepare for their own end-of-life...knowing that this moment can arrive unexpectedly at any time!

So, again I ask: do you have a New Year's Resolution? What do you consider most important in your life today that will affect this year's outcome?

To me, what is most important, is to be present in every situation. To be truly present is to focus my attention on what is going on at each moment of my life. To live life with its hardships, pains and joys, being totally present (mind, body and spirit) is my resolution this year. I choose not to waste any moment in idle conversations...I'd rather be silent and present in the quiet of my heart - where the Lord reigns everyday, and waits to grow my love for all. 

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