Saturday, January 31, 2009

Entering into the reality of Being:

(on Genesis 1:26-27)

When God creates us in His image and likeness,
we start to come into a reality
that takes us beyond our physical being.

In this world, we see what we see,
and mostly, this is as far as our understanding allows us to go.

If we let ourselves be led by the hand of God,
He will teach us (as to the small child that we are)
how to walk according to the eternal reality in God.

The smaller we are (not only accepting, but celebrating our smallness)
God takes charge with greater strength and in His divine grace,
in directing our small steps
and takes us into the wonders of what really awaits us
in the presence of Being.

Understanding that only God can fill up our vast emptiness within,
and that there is nothing in this world capable of filling us as completely as in Him.
Then, we begin to see reality through the eyes of the soul,
breathing-in the enriching scent of our faith in God,
completely surrendered to hope in Christ-risen,
and living deeply in the eternal love of the Spirit.

After all, God has created us for Him.
To arrive to this reality, is more than enough.
Because in reality, God is everything,
and without Him, there is nothing.

Only by recognizing, accepting and celebrating how small we are,
we are able to begin to come into
the reality of our being into the Supreme Being.

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