Saturday, February 7, 2009

The ardor of Love raises souls to God’s presence

“…the Lord is always ready to give us Love; let us choose to receive with open, expansive hearts…” (St. Augustine)

The flame that burns within each one of us –
is there from the beginning,
as we were created in God’s image and likeness.

What we do with this flame,
and how we keep this flame burning
depends on the choices we make
as we live our lives on this earth (earthly pilgrimage).

If we could only see ourselves with the eyes of our Creator (who is all goodness)
we would strive from the very beginning,
to do good and walk in charity to our neighbor
(all those we meet and/or live and work with).

In this way, the ‘deposited’ flame within our souls/our hearts,
would grow – by the continued grace of God –
Who sustains us in our faith walk.

The littlest flame of love,
being ‘fanned’ by God’s infinite loving grace,
grows larger (all-encompassing)
the more we love in God’s goodness,
and the more we love – through God’s grace.

The burning flame continues to grow
until it is consumed (consummated)
by the Love who created all.

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