Sunday, July 18, 2010

What brings God close to our hearts?

Should I close myself to the world and pray all day in solitude?
Will this bring God close to my heart?

It is the fidelity of my love for His greatest LOVE that brings Him close to my heart.
For He is always faithful.

Should I feel consolations and sweet anointings when I pray?
Does this mean God is close to my heart?
Is this a "sign" that God is close to my heart?

It is not always in the "feelings" I have of His sweetness, but in the consent I freely give to His holy will,
which helps carry out God's plans in me. This brings God closer to my heart.

A hundred or more times a day I should look upon this loving will of God, and dissolving my will into it, sing songs of praise and glory to His name. This simple act of love brings God close to my heart each day.

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