Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blessed are the sorrowing, for they will be consoled

(a reflection on Mt 5:4)

When we think of sorrowing or hurting or feeling the weight of the cross...
do we buckle our knees and pray?
or do we buckle our knees in sheer panic, and flee?

The Cross of Christ is not only a grace; but a blessing.
It strips us of all things that refrain us from embracing our vocation to love

as Christ loves.

When we allow ourselves to be cleansed by the endurance of the Cross,

we are born again...
we mature in faith...
we are enriched with a new strength...
what greater consolation can we hope for
than to be completely united to the one we love?
Our 'secret' lover is the Crucified.
Our loving embrace is found on the Cross.
When we believe this...then we are truly free.

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