Friday, October 15, 2010

what is the way to true happiness?

The vocation of all the faithful is described in the teachings of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount. (Mt.5:1-12; Lk 6:20-23)
We know these teachings as the Beatitudes
(some even refer to them as the "Be-attitudes").

A way of life that portrays our Lord's charity in this life. By following this simple way (though not so easy to do at times) we can already taste the delicacy of God's heavenly scent. These are the blessings and rewards already secured through Christ (as the Virgin Mary and all the saints already experienced).

Join me in my walk through the meditating of the Beatitudes. I wish to follow Christ more closely. So, for the sake of our vocation to grow in holiness, I will ask the Lord to give us the heart to prayerfully, humbly and with a sincere heart, delve into these Beatitudes: the next few weeks.

May we be given the graces and continued desire to be in constant communion with the One who alone can fulfill our divinely-inspired desire for happiness. Amen.

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