Monday, January 16, 2012

Remembering my mother

January 12th will always be a special day to remember.
Though the memory is painful because it is the day when my mother died (two years ago...on that day, this year)...
The memory also serves to build my hope in the resurrection.

Life as I know it on earth is fleeting and temporary...
A beautiful journey of faith began the day that God created me in my mother's womb...
There is much that I've learned from my life's journey.
There is still much more to learn, I'm sure. This latter part of my journey is more burdensome because I no longer have a mother or a father to guide me on the way.
I'm a mother now. My children look to me for guidance and counsel...I lead them to our spiritual mother: the Virgin Mary.
Mary has always given me, my mother, my daughter...
the perfect example of motherhood.
Mary, my me, guide me to your Son...
Especially when I've lost my not let go of my hand...
I need you more than ever these days.
Life is nothing without your beloved Son...Give me your heart...that I may love every single person I meet (including my own family members...) as you love... Amen.

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