Monday, August 5, 2013

How alive is your faith?

Did you ever hear the words:
" shall be done to you in accord with your faith..."?

Well, since I first heard these words...
I've gone back to reading them again and again.
They are words from the Bible (Matthew 9:29)
(in case you were wondering...)

When I read them in my present situation...
they inspire me to trust in God - more than ever!
God's love and power are!!!

In order that God's love and boundless power work for me,
I must have a living faith, and trust in God
like a child.

This kind of faith goes beyond
the understanding of the 'adult' human mind.
This kind of faith requires a total surrendering of the will, to the Father.
So, hand-in-hand we "Daddy" and me.
God always wants what is best for me -
for I am His child, His creation, His image...

The more I trust in my Father,
the more He will do for me.
Am I ready to live my faith more fully?


  1. Read, and blessed by, at an especially appropriate time, Socorro. Thanks so much. And may God fill your day with confidence and joy!
    Bob and Kathy

  2. Received and blessed by at an especially appropriate time, Socorro. Thank you so much!
    May God fill your day with confidence and joy.
    Bob and Kathy


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