Sunday, August 4, 2013

How to Listen

Did you know that 70% of our waking day is spent in communication?
Only 9% is given to writing, 16% to reading, and - surprisingly- only 30% to speaking.

So...on what do we spend most of our time? Listening!
We spend 45% of our waking hours listening,
and we are so poor at it.
We have never been trained 'how' to listen.

Listening means really paying full attention to the person attempting to communicate with you...
Listening means to be present to the fullest...and not daydreaming...while the other person speaks.

Not with words alone do we speak...
we speak with our tone of voice, pitch...rate...volume...
Our body speaks too, our eyes, face, arms, hands, breathing...

What we don't say...can be as important as what we do say.
Listen with the heart. Listen intently...
and you'll grow better at it...

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