Thursday, November 14, 2013

What is so special about 11/13/13?

I did say 11/13/13...not 11/12/13

The day is special to me because I was lifted up from my "darkness of unemployment" to the "light of new work"...The best part is that this new "light of work" continues to build up and form within me, the labor of love that began a few years back: to build up my little "Domestic Church".

My husband and children and family are rejoicing with me because we never lost hope that this day would arrive in God's perfect time. To work for the Catholic Church is a privilege and great responsibility. The rewards begin at home. When we live what we profess...many blessings are "added on to you"...God takes care of me and mine every step of the way. All I'm asked to do is to believe. The more I believe in faith...the more I will be given.

What is so special about 11/13/13? A new day begins...again!
Gloria a Dios! Glory to God!!!

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