Thursday, March 4, 2010

Trusting in God's love and mercy

How do we learn to trust?

Is this an innate gift or is it something learned?

Do we trust out of fear? A child has no other recourse than to trust that someone will take care of his basic needs. He is but a helpless thing. Does this mean then that a child trusts out of fear of abandonment? A child clings to the only source of love and care that they know. Is this love? Is this trust?

God makes us in His image to love as He loves. And to trust in His endless mercy for each one of us. God's love never fails. Though we should fail a thousand times each day. As long as we place our trust in Him, we will be rescued from the darkness, and be lifted up to the light of His infinite love and mercy. This much we know. Our Lord Himself has given us this promise.

Let it suffice to say that: I believe.

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