Saturday, September 18, 2010

The good we fail to do

(a reflection on Jas 4:17)

We can live our lives doing good things in service of others.
But, have we noticed the times when we fail to do good?

Our daily duties, activities or choices in life usually come about out of our own doing (we could say). In other words, what we do this day is based on a self-imposed schedule; and many times we are too rigid in following it. When this happens, we are missing little opportunities to go out of our daily schedule - to let 'surprise' moments happen.

For example; on my way to work one day I received a phone call from someone needing my heart to listen. I was already running late in my self-imposed schedule (I do also have an employer who expects me to me faithful in my work). However, there was a tug on my heart that spoke to me stronger than words can say: 'stop and listen here' 'be present to this moment, now'... So, I did. I stopped, took a deep inhale-the-gift-of-the-Spirit breath, and listened with the heart.

For the next few minutes my heart was changed for the good in a way I could not have imagined. All because I paused to do a good I might have failed to do...The conversation was brief, yet worthy of a heartfelt 'yes, I am here for you, now' (not later when I think I may have the moment to 'spare').

When we live our lives this way, we are growing closer to grasping a deeper reality of the gift of charity. Believe it or not, our Lord does arrange our schedule in a way that always works itself out for the good of all (after all He is the Master Planner of our lives).  

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