Friday, September 17, 2010

Growing deeper in Love

Growing deeper in Love

is growing closer to the Good.
The Supreme Good is the Love in God.
Growing closer to God is our perpetual prayer.
Think about it this way,

when we wish to reach a certain goal in our lives
(and hopefully, we do set these ahead of time mostly),
we train in a steadfast way all the way.
We take the mastering of the skill or the attainment of the good,
very seriously!
How much more seriously we ought to be

when growing in our relationship with God…
Our perpetual prayer is this:
Doing our little task in a most loving way,
always directed toward the Supreme Good!
We shall no longer be slaves to the distractions of this world…

We shall be called friends of Christ!
And, is this not the best place to be?
For all eternity?

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