Friday, December 3, 2010

Acting in the presence of Christ

When we recognize the presence of another,
we begin the ascent on the hill to calvary...
a formation of the heart and soul through sacrifices.

To be truly aware and thankful of another's presence
is the beginning of a lifetime of sacrifices - always.
From the moment I married my husband,
and said 'yes' three times at the altar of my Lord,
a lifetime of sacrifices began for my spouse and me - a couple.

From the moment I began to nurture my babies in the womb,
a lifetime of sacrifices began for me - a mother.
We know that we are all created in the image of God
- every single one.
The Bible (God's revelation to man) is telling me so.
Do I believe this holy Presence is real?
Do I know that God became man
- one of us and like us in all things except sin)?
If God became man to be present to you and me,

it is this Presence that determines and defines
how my life will unfold for me
with all its personal encounters and relationships.
Do I recognize this Christ-like presence in my fellow brother or sister - always?
The greatest sacrifice is to recognize a Presence;
The Presence of Christ in another.
When this becomes grafted unto my being,

then I will be acting in the presence of Christ - always.

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