Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blessed are the peacemakers

...for they will be called children of God (Mt 5:9)
It has been said that true peace
is both: a gift and a task
(Pope Benedict XVI)

God Himself is the true and supreme peacemaker.
Because of this, those who work for peace
are the sons and daughters of God.
God also created an orderly and harmonious universe.
This is the gift of God's peace to humanity.

As a peacemaker,
Christ shed His precious blood on the Cross
in order to bring redemption
and restore unity in God.
True Christian peacemaking is painful...

because in the service of peace one must overcome many barriers
created by hatred, envy and selfishness.
Am I willing to take on this pain?
Am I desirous to change my heart,
and make it a place of peace?

Am I actively transmitting this peace from God
to others around me,
in a world disordered by sin and strife?

As I remain in peace...
I am able to be an instrument of peace to the world (St. Francis).
There can only be peace in the world

when we make peace with God...
God grant us this one little favor. Amen.

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