Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Advent journey ends in adoration

What a blessed time of year this is!
In many parts of the world it is cold and dark...

In other parts it is sunny and bright...

At a time when many feel stress and anxiety over the material things...
we receive the greatest gift ever to be given, anywhere:
the gift of God's only Son, Jesus.
This is the gift of God Himself, in the flesh...
Coming to a people He loved into creation,

to redeem and save and unite back to Him...

Our advent (waiting) is over - in part
because we receive Christ as a child into our yearning hearts.
Our waiting is not over because we await the coming
of Christ triumphant and dressed in Glory...
on the final day.

For now, and in our little lifetime,

we are grateful and remain in adoration.
In adoration of the King of kings, and Lord of lords:

our Messiah...our Savior...our Brother and Friend...

May we continue to glorify God in the face of Jesus

and in every adoring moment we witness new life in the Child!

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