Sunday, August 29, 2010

Finding Happiness and Peace

Let anyone who comes to you...
go away feeling better and happier...

How is my encounter with every person?
my encounter with every person I meet along the way, today?
Is my attention to noticing their presence?
Do I look at people along the way?
or am I hurried to "get-to-where-I-must-go"

neglecting little opportunities for blessings-poured-out?

God sends us blessings-poured-out, constantly...
Am I aware and sensitive to them?

or am I oblivious and distracted by the 'things' I must do?

I met a woman the other day who blessed my day in a way I will always remember. She lay quietly asleep in a bed in a room where no sounds could be heard other than the breathing she made. As I prayed silently next to her, I watched with admiration and awe how the little ray of sunshine coming through the window brightened her peaceful face. Her face changed. She was radiant and smiling...though her eyes remained closed...she showed me a warmth and brilliance that could only come from the Source of all light: God. I saw the light of Jesus in her face...This was my moment's gift.

This woman is the woman I visit when I go to a nursing home or a hospital...there are so many more women and men like her. They are just waiting to bring sunshine into our little lives...if only we would reconsider our priorities and daily duties...and pause for these gift moments as we much wealthier we would be!

If God grants that we should live as long as He pleases...
Will we find ourselves waiting to shine our little light onto others from the quiet of an ailing moment...
or will we be neglected and forgotten by those we love?

Let us save time by shining our little light onto each and every person we meet along the way, today. We will be made happier as we acknowledge the gift of presence in the other.

This way, when it is our turn to slow down in life...we will have collected a treasure of shining moments to keep our face peacefully smiling inwards and outwards...
until we too shall breathe our last...and what a blessed moment this could be!!!

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