Friday, March 9, 2012

A Great Incentive...

How may I practice Christian virtues in my daily walk?
If only I remember God's presence...within all times - this simple appreciation will give me a great incentive to walk in His ways.

The thought that God's eyes are upon me 24/7...animates me and gives me courage to choose to do good in order to please my Creator and Lord!

Do I work hard enough to please my spouse, my supervisor at the office, my children, and others whom I love and wish to bring happiness to? This is still not sufficient if I'm aware of God-with-me at all times.

In order to remain intimately connected with God...I must seek Him outside of myself as well: at the Blessed Sacrament (daily Mass...silent adoration before the tabernacle...) reading and meditating upon Holy Scripture (the Bible...Yes! the Bible is easier and more fun to read than any other book out there...)

And, finally, I walk in union with God when I honor His image in others (and that means every single
living soul...famous or unknown, rich or poor, important or insignificant, learned or illiterate...)

David was filled with joy and consolation whenever he thought of God: "I remembered God and was delighted." (Psalm 76:4)  Do I wish to live a life delighting in God's presence everyday? Absolutely!

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