Thursday, March 8, 2012

If we could see more clearly today...

If we could see the way God sees, our lives would be a steady walk toward perfection...
We would only want what God wants for us because these are the gifts that help us to grow...

When I was at my weakest point in a hospital bed years ago, I put my trust in the doctors who would know what was best for me to heal from my broken state after a serious car accident. I did not (and could not) walk away or self-prescribe a cure.
How much more am I to put my trust in God who knows - from all time - what is best for me?
The more I see the way God wills (or permits) my every step this day...
the more I will be open to connecting with all of the persons God lets me share this day with.

Dear Lord, do not let me waste a single moment, a single encounter, a single breath this day.
May I serve your divine providence with an open heart and a cheerful matter the cost! Amen.

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