Friday, March 16, 2012

Una gota de su one drop of His Blood...

...Una gota de su sangre me ha dado VIDA...
By one drop of His (precious) blood I've been given NEW life...

Today is Friday of Lent.
I'm still walking toward union with the one who leads.
The one who walks this way is none other than Christ.
He (Jesus Christ) has poured out his precious blood for love of "little/insignificant" me...

How can I be so "insignificant" when there is a merciful and loving God who "thirsts" for me to return to His fatherly embrace, every single day? Do I see myself with the eyes of this merciful and loving God who knows the potential goodness within? Do I rise this day to the good news that God has shed a drop of blood for me?

And what's more, what will I do from this day forward to show my gratitude for such an extraordinary - out-of-this-world gift?

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