Friday, March 30, 2012

Today, a day for prayer and fasting

Today, March 30th is a particular day for prayer and fasting...
Why today only? Why not every day or at least one-day-a-week - for those who have plenty to eat and seldom make time to pray...?

Do we know what it means to "fast" in this country of material wealth and surplus?
Do we know what it is to "not have" something for the sake of something greater?
Do we know how to pray to our heavenly Father? Do we make time to pray?
Do we know what it is to have a relationship with God, and have a conversation with Him on a daily basis?

Like a child who wants a quick snack when hunger pangs begin to stir inside his little stomach...and dinner is not quite ready yet...mother or father would say to the child to wait a little longer for the hunger to be satisfied. Do you think  this child will know how to wait?

If, instead, the mother or father gives-in to the child's cries and provides the quick snack (in order to stop the child from crying or making a spectacle in public)...
Has this child learned to wait for the better part still to come?

On the contrary, this child will no longer be hungry for the good and healthy food prepared for the children at the family table.

As the parents (role models) we too must be patient and "hunger" for the good and healthy food provided by our heavenly Father...
"Hunger" for justice and peace...
"Hunger" for what is healthy and good for our formation...(an everlasting hungering for the ultimate satisfaction culminating in total union with the One...)

We pray to the Father...we ask for what is just and right...we ask for what is good and healthy for us and for our brothers and sisters in this this world.

Let us hunger today...and as we fast/hunger...let us be united in prayer each and every day...for the rest of our lives.

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